Monday, May 12, 2014

Product Spotlight: Tungsten Carbide Rings with Inlay

There exists such a wide variety of ring designs for women: rings with sparkly, colorful gemstones and jewels, a complicated range of different cuts and settings, and even crazy and extremely specific shapes. As for men, any jewelry befitting their masculinity will probably require a sense of sturdiness and simplicity, where the need is only heightened when it comes to wedding bands. Tungsten Carbide inlay rings hold all of those qualities but with an added edge. For a token that is meant to last you a lifetime, the little strip of sterling silver, simulated wood or carbon fiber inlay gives a plain tungsten carbide ring just the right amount of personality.
At Lovie Art Jewelry, we have three basic styles for tungsten carbide rings with inlay that we’d like to highlight:
Sterling Silver Inlay
Our 925 sterling silver inlay is a combination of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals such as copper. A common misconception is that sterling silver is worse than pure silver, but that’s not necessarily the case. In terms of jewelry, pure silver is too soft and malleable, and it is easily susceptible to oxidation in open air – making it more prone to tarnishing. Therefore, the added copper holds the item’s shape with its strength and durability for longer lasting results. Sterling silver is one of the most ideal materials for ring inlays; because of its flexible nature, innumerable patterns like fish scales, braids and more can be incorporated.
Simulated Wood Inlay
One way you can tell whether your ring’s inlay is real wood or simulated wood is by the direction of the wood grain: side to side wood grains signifies real wood and wood grains along the circumference of the ring means simulated wood. Still, the two are basically visually equivalent. Although authenticity is a nice factor, simulated wood actually has a mass of its own benefits. For example, simulated wood inlay rings are generally less expensive to purchase and to maintain. Many times, real wood inlays are very lightly coated – or not coated at all - with moisture repelling veneers. This can mean needing to get your ring replaced or repaired quite frequently, unlike our simulated wood inlays – which are vintage-trendy and able to endure the test of time.
Black Carbon Fiber Inlay
For its strong and tough nature, carbon fiber is a surprisingly lightweight material. Five times stronger than steel, carbon fiber strands - thinner than human hair - are twisted and woven together to produce an actual shape. With men’s jewelry, you’ll often see carbon fiber in a black color, enhancing the masculine feel, and in a braided or woven design for depth and texture.
Find the perfect inlay design at Lovie Art Jewelry. All of our men’s fashion or wedding rings are elegant in their simplicity, so order now and receive free shipping today!

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