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Engagement Ring Buying Guide – Shapes and Settings

You’ve found the woman of your dreams, now it’s time to find the ring of her dreams. Engagement ring shopping extends far beyond the shape of the stone and the setting of the ring. You need to consider the clarity, the color and the amount of carats the stone has. We understand that these terms may not mean anything to the average person, so we decided to simplify basic engagement ring terms so that you can shop easy and be the master of the jewelry store. If you’ve ever wondered what a baguette actually is, this blog is for you. Trust me, your future wife will thank you!
Consider Shape First
Your fiancé has probably been dropping hints about that fabulous princess style diamond or beautiful marquise engagement ring that she has been wanting for like, ever. Without a visual, the different diamond shapes can get pretty tough to recognize. Here are a few to consider:
  • Princess Style: This shape is usually characterized by a square stone right in the middle of the band. It’s one of the newer shapes and it usually has very intricate features that gives it extra sparkle.
  • Round Brilliant Cut: Just like the name, this diamond is shaped like a circle. This is one of the most common diamond shapes, as over 75 percent of diamonds sold are round.
  • Asscher Cut: A less sparkly version of the princess cut, this shape offers a style perfect for a vintage-minded bride. It’s characterized by a unique, slightly octagonal shape and looks like a square version of an emerald.
  • Emerald cut: For old-fashioned charm, you can’t go wrong with a stunning emerald shape. They are characterized by a rectangular shape and also resemble stair steps when viewed from above.

Now it’s Time for the Different Diamond Settings
The setting is the metal frame in which your stone or diamond is mounted in. It can completely change how the ring looks so it’s valuable to understand the many different types. Getting the right combination of shape and setting is imperative to make the ring look as good as possible.
  • Bezel Setting: This is a metal rim with straight edges that fully surrounds the circumference of the stone. This style protects the stone and can often make it appear larger.
  • Prong Setting: The most common type of setting, this style holds your stone securely using prongs that are attached to the central part of the ring. Prongs can be placed at four corners of a stone to protect princess cuts or they can use a V-prong to protect the pointed tips of a marquise shape.
  • Channel Setting: Diamonds or other stones are set in a row between two strips of metal that holds them side by side with no other metal pieces between the stones. This protects the stones and offers a classy alternative to a simple band.
  • Baguette Setting: The baguette setting typically has one stone in the middle and two rectangular step stones on each side of the middle stone. If the two rectangular stones on the side are pushed inward, it is called a tapered baguette.

Remember the 4 C’s
  • Cut: You want to consider the way the diamond is cut, how it is shaped (refer to the above section on shape) and the amount of facets it contains. If a diamond is cut well, it will typically interact more with light.
  • Color: Typically, a diamond is judged on its lack of color meaning that a perfect diamond would have no added hues. A perfect colorless diamond would have a color grade of D, E, or F.
  • Clarity: Since diamonds are forced to withstand a tremendous amount of heat and pressure, they are bound to have a few flaws. Internal irregularities are called inclusions, whereas external flaws are called blemishes. The diamond clarity scale has six different grades, but we will only dive into the top three. FL stands for flawless meaning that it has no inclusions and no blemishes. IF stands for internally flawless meaning that it has no inclusions, and VVS1 and VVS2 stands for very, very slightly included meaning that it would be difficult to see the inclusions even under magnification. Look for these three major clarity grades when shopping for a diamond.
  • Carat: The amount of carats that a diamond has simply corresponds to how much the diamond weighs. The larger the diamond or stone, the more carats it has and the more it costs. Although this is an important part of the 4 C’s, it’s not the most important part. A diamond’s value is based on all of the 4 C’s and not just the diamond carat weight.

Going shopping for engagement rings should be fun but can often cause a lot of stress. Doing your research prior to walking through the jewelers door can help save you a lot of time and worry and will have you leaving with the ring she’s always dreamed of!
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