Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Product Spotlight: Round Cut Women’s Silver Simulated Diamond Ring

If you want a ring that surpasses your expectations, it better follow the 4 C’s of ring shopping: cut, color, carats, and clarity. This round cut women’s silver ring is made from a stunning 925 sterling silver that is meant to simulate a gorgeous diamond design. With a style that combines both elegance and class, this rhodium electroplated ring is truly a beautiful alternative to a regular diamond.
The diamonds are shaped in a round brilliant cut – one of the most popular diamond shapes available. A brilliant cut is determined by the amount of light that reflects through the diamond’s surface. If you cut it correctly, the brilliance will be maximized. The shape and cut of this incredible diamond simulant allows it to reflect the ultimate amount of light.
With a clear color, this diamond simulant leaves no room for unnatural hues. Not only does it have a structurally perfect absence of color, this diamond simulant also lacks imperfections. A real diamond is usually forced to withstand a tremendous amount of pressure and heat which can cause inclusions and blemishes. These beautiful zirconia stones are not subject to the typical defects of a regular diamond.
This simulated diamond ring weighs a grand total of 3.25 carats, with the center stone weighing in at 1.5 carats. With a high amount of carats, these zirconia stones create a ring of luxury. This ring would make the perfect gift for just about any woman. Choose this round cut women’s silver simulated diamond ring and watch the special lady in your life swoon.

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