Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Masonic Blue Lodge Ring 3rd Degree Freemason Gold Tone

Masonic rings have an air of mystery and secrecy about them, but few people realize that the core purpose of the rings are of promises and vows. Worn to seal the bond of brotherhood between the Masonic fraternity, the rings are a forever reminder of the members’ pledges to one another and the moral manner in which they’ll live their lives. For this reason, the Masonic Blue Lodge 3rd Degree Freemason Gold Tone Ring make excellent wedding rings for men! What better way is there to declare your unwavering love than with a ring embedded with a long history of making noble vows?
The Blue Lodge, also known as Craft Lodge and Symbolic Lodge, is one of the most well-known Masonic fraternities, and it refers to a lodge that entrusts the first three Masonic degrees. Blue is the traditional color of the Irish or English Freemasonry. Each lodge’s crest vary with different symbols and designs, and this Blue Lodge Masonic ring is especially brimming with meaningful symbols:
Square & Compass
You’ll typically find the square and compass to be the most popular symbol on Masonic rings. The square represents earthly qualities, while the compass represents heavenly qualities. With its ends pointing up, the square is a symbol of man’s desire toward deity. And the compass points down to symbolize God’s heavenly gifts sent down to the world. As a combined image, the square and compass is simply meant to illustrate the balance between the physical and spiritual and how important it is to live with virtue.
The “G” in the middle of the square and compass represents God or some sort of deity – or more specifically, the Great Architect of the Universe. Nestled right in the center of where the physical and spiritual meet, this big, bold “G” is a reminder to always put God and one’s beliefs at the center of one’s life.
The plumb is a weight or a type of tool used to confirm if a structure or piece of construction is properly vertical. As a Masonic symbol, the plumb symbolizes our duty to live and walk uprightly, with honesty and integrity, in life.
The main features of the Blue Lodge Masonic ring include:
  • 16 mm front & 4 mm back in width
  • Made out of tough stainless steel
  • 24K yellow gold plated Square & Compass, Plumb and “G”
  • Signet style ring
  • Polished shiny as a finish

For a ring with so much emphasis on the promise of living one’s life with honesty and rectitude, it is truly a perfect piece of jewelry to seal a marriage. This men’s masonic ring will always advise you to be true to your spouse and to put your union with one another in the center of your life.
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