Friday, August 8, 2014

Men’s Diamond Simulated Titanium Wedding Band

Diamonds are forever? At Lovie Art, we’d like to adapt the phrase to, “Diamonds are for everyone!” Traditionally, women dominated this radiant gem and men preferred the simplicity of gold wedding bands. However, in recent years, the tradition of making that final vow has become more about reflecting the couple and their special and unique relationship. In this aspect, men have started to look for wedding bands that fit their individual tastes and express a bit of their personality.
Our Men’s Diamond Simulated Titanium Wedding Band is the perfect example of this new trend. Although the gems are diamond simulations, they are just as bright and luminous as any diamond. Here are a couple of reasons why this stunning ring would be suitable for any groom:
Made Out of Titanium
One of the most attractive characteristics of a man is his strength. How dependable is he? Can he be a source of support? Will he endure? Similarly, the most attractive feature of titanium is how strong it is. This element is three times as strong as steel and more durable than gold, silver and even platinum, making it the hardest natural metal in the world. While it may not be as glamorous as other precious metals, its strength makes it one of the best materials for men’s wedding bands. Especially depending on his profession and athletic interests, his lifestyle may require a wedding band that is not only lightweight but incredibly scratch and dent resistant – which titanium readily offers.
Incorporates a Channel Setting
But the bigger question is: “Would a man really like shiny jewels on his ring?” We can imagine that most men wouldn’t necessarily be thrilled with an enormous, flashy accessory on their hand and thankfully, our Diamond Simulated Wedding Band is just the opposite! Less fancy and more minimalistic, this men’s wedding band is designed with the modern man in mind. Made with a channel setting and a thin line of smaller cubic zirconium stones, it offers a more simplistic take on a diamond ring that is better suited for men.
This men’s channel ring radiates a masculine feel with its refined design. The simulated diamonds are small and simple, and they are enclosed in a long channel row with metal lips securing them in place. It provides just enough shine without looking too feminine, and certainly without the hefty price tag!
Other important features of this titanium cz channel ring include:
  • Matte finish on the top
  • Shiny bevels on the sides
  • Comfort fit band
  • No outer plating
  • 100% hypoallergenic

For the woman who prefers an understated beauty or the man who wants to move beyond the conventional gold or silver ring, we offer a great selection of titanium wedding bands for you to choose from. Visit Lovie Art Jewelry today to find that perfect ring to say, “I do,” with!

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