Monday, October 27, 2014

Celebrity Inspired Engagement Rings You Can Actually Afford

Just about every woman on planet Earth has thought about their dream engagement ring or has ogled the rock on another woman’s finger. Celebrity engagement rings are the cause of much envy among women, as they so rightly should be- a 2 million dollar ring should be pretty darn perfect right?! But if you’re not a famous supermodel, actress, or girlfriend of a rock star or athlete, the reality is that the rings we drool over will never slide onto our ring finger. But that shouldn't stop us from having the ring we dream of right?
Celebrity inspired engagement rings are hugely popular because they allow you to get the look you want but at a price you can actually afford. Check out our list below of some of the most envied celebrity wedding rings and their affordable replicas to find your picture-perfect engagement ring.
Molly Sims
Model and actress Molly Sims was proposed to by her film producer boyfriend Scott Stuber with an impressive cushion cut ring designed by her soon-to-be fiancĂ© in collaboration with Diane von Furstenberg. Her ring has an uber modern look with a square center stone surrounded by small accent diamonds and has a thin, delicate, diamond band. With an estimated 5-6 carats costing somewhere around $80,000+, you may have to sell your house, car and anything else of value to be able to afford an exact replica of Sims’s ring.
If Sims’s ring was love at first sight, you can get the same look and style for 10s of thousands of dollars less. Choose a sterling silver band over a platinum band and cubic zirconia stones in place of high-priced diamonds just like the ring above. It’s equally as beautiful as the $80,000+ ring but at a price that is actually attainable.
Lauren Conrad
Lauren Conrad’s long-time beau William Tell popped the question with a stunningly simple, solitaire engagement ring. Opting for a more traditional thick, yellow gold band, Conrad’s wedding bling can easily transition with the changing styles and fashion trends- a classic never truly goes out of style! Conrad’s ring has an estimated value of about $40,000, but if you love the look of a single, round cut stone and all its glamour-ability, there are many more affordable engagement rings in this style available. A near replica to Conrad’s ring is shown below, the only difference is this wallet-friendly ring has a sterling silver band (which have become much more popular than yellow gold in recent years) instead of a gold band.
Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman said yes to a $35,000 eco-friendly ring. Portman met her now dancer- hubby Benjamin Millepied on the set of Black Swan. Portman’s sparkler was designed by jeweler Jamie Wolf and is a true reflection of the couple’s lifestyle. The ring features a round-cut, antique center stone, the pave diamonds surrounding the center stone and along the band are conflict-free, and the band is made from recycled platinum.
Antique-looking and vintage-inspired engagement rings have made a tremendous splash as of late, and the increased demand for the style has caused prices to skyrocket. The ring below has all the same stylistic features of Portman’s from the round-cut center stone, pave halo and pave covered band with an antique aesthetic for substantially less than Mr. Portman paid. Learn more about this gorgeous stunner here.
Ashlee Simpson
Coming in at $300,000, the most expensive of all the rings on our list belongs to Ashlee Simpson. Simpson said ‘yes’ to her first hubby Pete Wentz when he proposed with this eye-catching, 4 carat, Asscher-cut diamond engagement ring with pave diamonds surrounding the center stone and glittering the band. The beauty of this ring would make it difficult for any girl to say ‘no’ but one look at the price tag will surely send you running.
If you haven’t yet reached rock star level but love Simpson’s ring, you can feel like you’re the center of attention for hundreds of thousands less with a ring like the one pictured above.
Penelope Cruz
If you are looking for truly unique engagement rings, take a page from the one and only Penelope Cruz. Cruz got engaged to long-time bf Javier Bardem when he proposed with a vintage 3-carat sapphire ring worth about $30,000. The strikingly blue sapphire is surrounded by diamonds in a dainty flower arrangement. More and more stars are opting for non-traditional engagement rings that feature gemstone and other non-diamond precious stones. Each stone has a special meaning, so be sure to choose one that symbolizes your relationship best.
The blue center stone of this engagement ring is surrounded by a pave halo of CZ stones. The band also has several cubic zirconia stones to complete the look of the ring. Choosing an engagement ring with a beautiful colored stone is one of the best ways to show uniqueness, and you can get the look at a price will definitely make you smile.
Christina Ricci
Christina Ricci’s engagement ring has the most symbolism of all the rings featured on our list. Ricci’s now-husband proposed with a super traditional three stone engagement ring. It is well-known that the trio of stones are meant to represent the past, the present, and the future of the couple and their relationship. While the exact price of Ricci’s ring is unknown, we do know that it is pretty steep as the more stones the ring has, the higher the cost.
If you love the idea behind a three stone engagement ring, you can have it for a price that won’t shock the system, like with the three-stone, sterling silver engagement ring pictured above. All the money you save can be used to share experiences that you’ll always remember from your past, cherish in the present, and dream about for the future.


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