Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bridal Party Responsibilities: Before, During & After Wedding

If you’re asked to be a member of the bridal party for a friend, sister, or family member, get ready for a whirlwind adventure! The experience will be more fun than you’ve ever had, but you will have a huge amount of responsibility to help make sure your best friend has the most amazing day of her life. To help maximize fun and minimize stress throughout the wedding adventure, read through these bridal party responsibilities that you will likely be taking care of as a bridesmaid.
The majority of your bridesmaid duties will occur during the pre-wedding phase. Chances are, the bride is going to be so overwhelmed during the initial planning that she won’t even know where to begin, so offer to help her with specific tasks like “do you want me to pick up the dresses from the dry cleaners?” or “I can call the florist later today to schedule an appointment?” rather than being general (i.e. “what can I do?”, “what do you need help with?”). Some other pre-wedding duties you should expect to be responsible for include:
  • Helping pick out bridesmaid and bridal gowns
  • Finding a wedding venue
  • Ordering flowers
  • Sending out and addressing invitations
  • Planning a bridal shower
  • Planning a bachelorette party

The Day Of
On the big day, the bride may put her bridesmaids in charge of last-minute preparations like toting the wedding emergency kit, calling to confirm transportation to and from the wedding and reception, or even just popping the champagne in the dressing room! Be prepared, but more importantly, be proactive! The bride will be forever grateful to you for averting a crisis that no one saw coming.
The wedding day will also include the fun-filled reception, but you won’t be off the hook yet. After the first dance, be ready to grab a groomsman and sweep him out to the dance floor and encourage other guests to do the same! After all, the reception is a big party and the last thing the bride needs to worry about is whether or not everyone is having a good time. You may also be asked to:
  • Greet guests waiting in the reception line
  • Organize the gift table
  • Help the bride maneuver the restroom situation in that dress!
  • Decorate the honeymoon vehicle or getaway limo
  • Round up guests for the big sendoff
  • The maid of honor is usually responsible for giving a toast

The post-wedding phase is the downhill slope and final hours of your duties as a bridesmaid. There won’t be much to do besides wish your bride a happy honeymoon and a happy marriage! Other than that, you may be in charge of storing the bride’s dress until she gets back from the honeymoon and transporting gifts back to the newlywed’s home while they are away.
Your ultimate duty as a bridesmaid is just be a source of moral support throughout the entire wedding process. When things get crazy and chaotic, just remember how special this day will be for your best friend and how much it will mean to you when she can return the favor.
What is the craziest request you’ve ever received as a bridesmaid? How would you want your bridesmaids to be there for you on your special day? Share with us in the comments below! Check back for more ideas for the big day and other fun wedding-related articles brought to you by Lovie Art Jewelry!

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