Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Where to Propose and Where Not to Propose

The place where you propose is one of the most important places of your life. It’s the place your partner will remember for all your days, the place where you take your after-engagement selfie and the place you’ll tell your grandkids about.

Basically, there’s a lot riding on where you choose to pop the question. And it is so, so easy to get it wrong, even if you have the best intentions! We’ve heard it all, from proposing in a movie theater to proposing on an airplane (both of which are big no-nos, so don’t get any ideas).

Overall, you’ve got to follow one golden rule when it comes to proposing: Make it special. If you make it special and make it personal, at the end of the day it won’t matter where it is.

But there are still lots of ways it can go wrong (and many ways it can go right)! So we of course made a list of the 10 best and worst places to propose. Hold your horses, ladies and lads!

1.    Walmart (Worst)

We have nothing against Walmart. Like everyone, we love low prices. However, Walmart is not the place to propose to your guy or gal. It doesn’t matter if you first crossed paths at Walmart or have your deepest conversations strolling through the lanes. Walmart is just…no.

2.    On top of a tall building or monument (Best)
 Proposing on top of a tower or a tall building can be very romantic. You can tell your sweetheart you are going on a romantic date and then surprise your love by popping the question. Your partner will not only remember the beautiful view, but will be impressed by your effort and creativity.

3.    At a funeral (Worst)

We think the people over RantChic said it best: don’t propose at a funeral just because you’re reminded of how short life is. Funerals are sad, and they really can remind us to keep the people we love close to us, but you should not propose before a funeral, during a funeral or after a funeral.

4.    In a hot-air balloon (Best)

Many people say that when you find your true love, you see the world from a different perspective. Why not try to show your loved one that in your proposal? Going for a ride in a hot-air balloon and then popping the question is original. Plus, you can look at the horizon with a different perspective after your loved one says yes (you should definitely be sure before asking!).

5.    At another wedding (Worst)

The picture above makes our heart get all fuzzy, but not fuzzy enough to pop the question at another person’s wedding. First off, if it’s your significant other’s friend, he or she will feel guilty for stealing the friend’s spotlight. You don’t want your future fiancé to feel guilty every time he or she thinks about how you proposed. Second, it’s rude.

6.    At home (Best)

Proposing at home is simple and sweet, but we’ve got some spice for you. Decorate your home with your favorite photos of you both together and hang some lights. No one can resist a good set of white Christmas lights. This will create the mood and make your beloved remember all the reasons he or she loves you.

7.    Via text message (Worst)

Yes, we know it’s the prime way of communicating nowadays, but does that make it OK? No! You use text messages to ask your guy or gal about the day or whether there’s toilet paper at home; you don’t use text messages to propose. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written the most beautiful message. If it’s that beautiful, say it to your partner’s face.

8.    Building a website (Best)

The web is a place, right? Well, it should be considering how much we’re on it. Since we’re on the topic of techie proposals, we wanted to give you this idea: Make a website asking your beloved to marry you. It’s unique, and most importantly, he or she will never see it coming. Just put your site in a bitly link and send it to your love. When your partner clicks it, he or she will be blown away. 

9.    When you are drunk at a bar (Worst)

Proposing while intoxicated is probably one of the most confusing situations of all time. First, your partner will wonder if you were serious. Second, you may or may not remember that you proposed. Third, both of you will be confused and waiting to see who will talk about it first. Fourth, chaos.

10.    Where you had your first date (Best)

Sometimes classic is just the way to go. Many couples spend years together and go to dozens of places before they get married. In relationships like these, it’s the details that count. For instance, remembering what your partner ordered that day, remembering what he or she wore and remembering what you said. Proposing where you had your first date is foolproof, and it will increase your chances of a yes.

As you plan your proposal, please remember our dos and don’ts. We want you to have the best moment possible in the best place possible. It’s likely that you have a lot going through your head right now regarding the proposal, but we hope we’ve managed to narrow your list down a bit and inspire you for the big day.

Have a best or worst place to propose we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments below!

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