Friday, December 18, 2015

5 Tips for Wedding Invitations

Imagine your perfect wedding invitation. What does it look like? How much did it cost? If you’re unsure of some of the finer details of your perfect wedding invites, don’t worry. The world of wedding invitations is big and can be confusing. That’s why we’ve decided to pass on a few of our most valuable and easy-to-follow tips for creating wedding invitations you’ll love.

1.    Make a Budget

Begin planning for your perfect wedding invitations by making a budget. Whether you’re thinking of spending one dollar or fifty on each invitation, it’s important that you stick to your decision so that anxiety over cuts and compromises doesn’t have a chance to arise later on. In order to help you with this, we recommend that you view only invitations within your budget and leave temptations out of the equation.

2.    Pick Your Style

Your invitations will be a reflection of the both of you, your families, your heritage and, of course, your wedding. Pick an invitation that falls in line with the look and feel of your wedding as well as you and your families on a personal level. Your invitations will give you an opportunity to add intimate touches to your special day with references to your heritage and will give your guests an idea about the theme surrounding your wedding. Above all, remember that your invitations will remain a memento commemorating your special day, so consider something personal like a photo of you and your future spouse together.

3.    Choose Your Text

There is much about the text of your invitation to consider, from the font color and lettering style to the text layout. When choosing lettering, remember to keep it on the simple side. Lettering that’s overly embellished can be hard to read. Similarly, dark lettering on dark invites or light lettering on light invites might leave your guests straining. Ensure that your text is spaced out properly and that the invitations aren’t cluttered. Finally, make your RSVP message clear, and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your guests to reply to your invitation.

4.    Address the Envelopes
Of course you’ll address them to your guests, but how? We recommend that you opt for handwritten envelopes since they are both more personal and more beautiful. But unless your handwriting is impeccable and you have the time, we don’t encourage tackling this task on your own. Instead, in order to add that extra, personal touch, consider hiring a calligrapher to hand-address your invitations for you.

5.    Timing Is Everything
As with most things in life, this is also true with wedding invitations. When sending your perfect wedding invites, it’s important not to send them too late or too early. Sending your invites too late is an obvious error, but it’s harder to remember that it’s possible to catch your guests too early. Sending your wedding invitations months ahead of time allows your guests to put your invitation on the back burner where it is much more likely to be forgotten. We recommend that you send your invitations six to eight weeks before the big day and send any save-the-dates out four to six months before that.

If you have any invitation success (or disaster) stories, we’d love to hear from you. Comment below with your own personal story about how to make wedding invitations perfect!

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