Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Dos and Don'ts of Giving Jewelry

Jewelry is fun, beautiful and exciting. No wonder it's such a popular gift. Giving someone jewelry tends to be a customary way to show someone you care, but is it always appropriate? We've outlined some dos and don’ts of how to buy jewelry for someone else to help you decide when to give it and when to scrap the idea in favor of something else.

Do Make a Careful Decision

Giving jewelry isn't a decision you make on a whim. No matter your price range, jewelry should be a meaningful gift that you should enjoy giving as much as the recipient enjoys receiving. The jewelry we wear reflects our personal style as much as anything we put on, from clothes and shoes to perfume and makeup. So as with any meaningful gift, consider your purchase carefully. Expect that picking out the perfect piece will take some time, so don't rush through the process of purchasing simply to buy. If you're looking for a quick or last-minute gift, jewelry is not for you.

Don't Buy Outside of Your Price Range

Gift giving isn't about spending money. To find the perfect piece, spend time and effort instead. While jewelry is a great way to express your love and affection for someone, spending more than you have is a sure-fire way to set yourself up for disappointment. Someone who cares for you will love your gift regardless of the price tag, so don't feel like in order to give a worthwhile gift you have to spend outside of your budget.

Do Consider Their Taste, Not Yours

It's easy buying for yourself - the trick is nailing someone else's tastes. When you're looking for jewelry, it may be tempting to gravitate toward what you yourself would wear or appreciate, but the person you're buying for may simply not share your tastes. Consider the existing pieces your recipient owns, and if that doesn't help, it might be best to consult a close friend of the same sex or a family member for jewelry gift ideas. However, if your contacts are a dead end but you're set on the idea of buying jewelry, don't go overboard. Choose a classic, timeless piece instead.

Don't Buy Spur of the Moment

Making a snap decision about any major purchase is likely to lead to regret. If you're considering jewelry as a gift, think on it. Some things to consider before jumping into a jewelry purchase are how much money you'd like to spend, what type of jewelry you'd like to buy and for what occasion you're giving jewelry. When you've made up your mind about these three considerations, you're ready to begin browsing. Depending on the type of gift, the process might take a few hours or it could take a few weeks. Don't rush - the perfect gift is out there.

Do Consider How Long You've Known Your Recipient

Most of us have been raised to believe that jewelry is a go-to gift when conveying caring and affection. However, it's important to consider your level of intimacy with your recipient before springing for a jewelry gift. While buying jewelry can be a nice gesture, it can also be overwhelming or awkward to receive jewelry in the wrong circumstance. No matter the size or cost of the piece, jewelry conveys a certain fellowship that's best reserved for people who are more than friends.

Don't Buy Jewelry to "Make Up"

Through media like TV and movies, we've learned that flowers and jewelry are two of the best ways to say "I'm sorry." But in reality and truth, the best way to apologize is simply to say it. Buying jewelry as a way to make up is cliché and unoriginal. Worst of all, when you're buying your way back into someone's good graces, you may be putting the recipient in the awkward position of forgiving you for the wrong reasons. Apologies and forgiveness should come through communication, not through metals and gemstones.

Do Buy With a Purpose

We all own jewelry we've bought simply because it's cute, affordable or matches a specific outfit. But a jewelry gift should be more than a basic accessory. When you're buying jewelry as a gift, consider the story it will tell each time the recipient wears it. If you want your jewelry gift to be meaningful, consider your relationship with your recipient. You can buy a piece that simply looks nice, but for a gift that's truly special, we recommend that the piece you buy is more than just shiny metal.

Don't Buy Jewelry Out of Obligation

Many of us believe that giving jewelry is the ultimate way to express our love or appreciation for the women in our lives. However, consider whether or not the lady in your life prefers jewelry or would rather receive another gift from you. Jewelry isn't always the best gift solution, so don't buy simply because it's what you think is expected. A gift should be a reflection of yourself and your recipient, so don't be afraid to think outside of the jewelry box.

Do you have the perfect recipe for purchasing a jewelry gift? Want to share a personal story? We’d love to hear all about it - simply comment below!

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  1. Whenever i buy jewelry i did not keep these factors in mind, i just buy it. Honestly speaking it is my bad habit but i will take care of these things in my mind in future.


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